Wednesday, November 29, 2006


remember: you can click on any photo to see it larger. this would be a good one to click on. if you do, you'll see scott's hut.

sledges leaning up against the hut. you can see the barne glacier in the background.

barnes glacier in background.

after scott, shackleton's men used this hut to lay stores for the endurance transantarctic attempt. the group that sailed to this hut were stuck here for three years due to their ship being blown away in a storm. the anchor is all that was left. it's what you see here, in the snow.


wiring for the phone line set up between this hut and the discovery hut?

so what's this light switch/door bell looking thing for? electricity?

yeah. a bike.

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brendan said...

Scott had batteries. Anyone know what type and how they were charged ? Also, what became of the two surviving 'cars' ?